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hydra server discussion.
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Tuesday, July 25th, 2006
1:00 am
I'm not strong at religion but I know what we must "Prey" to! Did anybody play this game? I know that nobody. There will be armageddon in the supermarkets... http://game-era.com/preview/id/10
Sunday, March 5th, 2006
3:43 am
Konchtat Highlands Map?
Other than downloading/printing the map off the net, is there a way to obtain the Konchtat Highlands map in the game? My character's primary location is Bastok: I've checked the map seller in Bastok Markets but she didn't seem to sell it. I've looked online for sources on how to obtain it in game but I couldn't find anything. Any help would be appreciated.

Monday, January 23rd, 2006
2:07 am
Not sure if this community is really active but I thought I'd post a hello :)

I've just started playing and have a fairly silly question - at what point does the question mark beside one's name disappear? I think it might be lvl 6 but I really have no idea and I'd like some clarification.

Other than that my character name is Atrela - Hume lvl 4 warrior, in and around Bastok.

I'm also searching for cheap copper ore :/ of which there isn't a hell of a lot - stupid expensive auction house and monsters that barely drop it. Starting with 50gil is pretty damn stingy too, especially when monster's only drop like ... 10 freaking gil! I guess that's what quests/missions are for :(

What is it with the monster respawn anyways? There seem to be too few monsters per the many players on the server, or maybe that's normal....
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