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hydra server discussion.

original titles are for losers

don't play without a keyboard, retard.
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We are the newest of the new, the odd in a land of oddities - the Final Fantasy XI on Xbox 360 beta testers. Infesting the Hydra server and the GameFAQs board, we are a flood of newbits that are here to stay.

This is a community for discussion of Final Fantasy XI, FFXI on Xbox 360, and even Tetra Master. Ask for help, debate race/job supremacy, enjoy yourself.

1. Flame not, dumbass.
2. Stay on topic. This is a FFXI community, not a Chuck Norris wank.
3. Put all pictures under a cut. I don't give a damn how small they are, cut them.
3.1. Same for long text entries.
4. Rule number 1 will be disregarded if you fail at the English language. Consider yourself warned.

Have fun.
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